Sunday, 20 April 2014

Thank you cards with Polabora

I couldn't resist sharing our little thank you cards but more importantly their inserts.  I stumbled upon Polabora recently via the world wide webs and instantly knew that their ever so cute retro strips would be absolutely perfect as a little insert for our wedding thank you cards and I was in no way disappointed. 

The photo quality is surprisingly good and for just €4.99 (special launch offer), around four of our British pounds, for 6 strips, 18 photos, I really was a happy bunny.

What do you think? I'm pretty tempted to try some black and white photos with the strips as well, as they have a few examples of them on the website and they just look so wonderfully perfect as little bookmarks.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Why we chose a small wedding

Let me start by saying I love weddings, I love all different types of weddings, big, small, it really doesn't matter to me as long as the bride and groom are happy and I can eat cake.  We actually booked a big wedding, we were scheduled to get married May 24th this year, we had the hall booked, the registrar, the photographer, all the basic elements to a big wedding but as the time ticked on, it just became more and more obvious that we were not doing this day for us.  It just didn't feel right.  So we cancelled everything 6 months before the big day (thankfully we were able to get almost all of our deposits back) and made a few awkward phone calls to family members and friends explaining we had cancelled the wedding, at the time we actually thought we were going to skip to Las Vegas for a quick wedding but thankfully spent a few weeks thinking about what we actually wanted before committing to anything else.

So we made a list of a few things we wanted for our wedding day, what were our must haves.

1. We wanted a marriage, we wanted to publicly declare that we love each other and want to share our lives together.

2. We wanted a no stress wedding, although at the time we were unsure if this could actually be accomplished on the day if we wanted guests and food.

3. We wanted cake, a lot of cake.

That was it, that was all we wanted for our day, so now knowing exactly what we wanted we started making things happen.  
We booked our local registry office/town hall, we decided to book the smallest room possible (10 guests max), we invited our neighbours/friends and if our parents and siblings wanted to come, there was a seat for each of them to.  We said our vows in a very intimate setting, where we could hear every whisper and giggle, where we felt close enough to touch the guests if the urge struck during the ceremony (it didn't but always nice to know if you can).  Everything felt a bit of a laugh to be honest, we have a rare romantic moment every now and again but we wanted our ceremony to reflect our laid back personalities, so wanted it as relaxed as possible. It was perfect, for us.

Now how to achieve a non-stress wedding, we thought about this one for a while before deciding upon doing the day exactly how we want it and if anyone else comes, that is a bonus.  We didn't send any invites, we simply let people know this is when we were getting married and if people wanted to come to our home after to help celebrate, then they were more then welcome.  So after the ceremony we went back to our home, we laid out all of the cakes, James' Mum started making an assortment of delicious nibbles, actually all of the people at the ceremony started grabbing/making food and leaving it around our house for people to enjoy, it was lovely.  We drank, we ate food and we welcomed everyone to our home as they arrived, lots of people bought homemade cakes, it was an impressive sight seeing all of the wonderful homemade delights around our home, i'm pretty sure I put on a stone on our wedding day, i'm alright with that. There was somewhere around 40 people squeezed into our little home at one point, it was hugely entertaining and in a rather lovely way stopped segregation, everyone laughed together, everyone got to know everyone else and it was wonderful to see people's worlds collide who otherwise may not have spoken to each other.

We both told people before the wedding that they should come and go as they please, come drink champagne, eat cake, grab a sandwich if you like, stay and get drunk with us in the evening if you want to as well but please do as you want.  It worked wonderfully, everyone seemed relaxed, happy and full of food, there wasn't any waiting around and it was so lovely to be able to celebrate in our house, our first real home, the place I expect we will welcome our children into the world (not for a while yet), the place where we will have many a drunken night with the neighbours and share many a meal with family and friends.  It was just as we wanted it, nothing was stressful, we both loved our day and the pugs even got to join in which made them happy as well.

When the late evening rolled around we got changed into comfier clothes, we waved goodbye to tired family and friends and we were left with our neighbours, our friends.  We drank alcohol and copious amounts of tea, we stuffed our faces with left over food, we sat in the comfy seats and we watched a movie (World War Z), at that moment I knew our day was exactly what we wanted it to be.  I expect for a lot of people ending the day at 11pm in your comfy clothes, drunk with a movie would seem like a stupid way to end your wedding day, not even slightly special but to us it was perfect, it was all we wanted for the day, to be married, relaxed and eating cake. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Happy post!

I love when the postman brings me happy post (no bills please!) and I couldn't resist sharing with you a little treat I got for myself after the wedding.

I've been after some collar clips for a while and when I spotted the Zoe from Ladybird Likes had these adorable pug collar clips in her shop, well I just couldn't resist.

To my absolute surprise my little package came with a couple of lovely extras which included two postcards, that I shall be putting up in my craft room and a every so adorable 'I Like Pugs' wooden brooch, which is already on my favourite coat.

I love happy post days! 

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Do's & Don'ts of Blogging

Joining my blogger's guide series (unsure if I can call it a series when the posts are months/years apart but i've done it anyway), I wanted to share a few do's and don'ts in the blogging world, a few little tips to help grow your blog and make your blogging experience that little bit more enjoyable. 

Do be friendly.

Make sure you and your blog are welcoming, don't think you're better then anyone else because your blog has 10/5000 more followers.  We all have something to learn from each other and you're more likely to get people to revisit your part of the web if you make yourself approachable. 

Don't clutter your sidebar.

I hold my hand up here, until very recently my sidebar/whole blog was jam packed full of absolutely everything.  You don't need all of the 'stuff' on your sidebar, it just distracts from your actual content and it makes it harder for the reader to see what your blog is actually about.

Do add a contact link.

Once again this is something I haven't done until recently, i'm unsure how I let it slip my mind with it being so obvious but do make sure people have a way to get in contact with you. I've put an 'email me' button in my sidebar but you choose whichever way you prefer, if you google free social media buttons, there are many wonderful bloggers out there who have made some rather beautiful buttons for you to use.

Don't write long paragraphs.

Write as much as you want, i'm not saying just share one little paragraph but just make sure you space them out.  It makes it so much easier/more inviting for people to read when your content is spaced out, use paragraphs and even share a related photo or two between them.

Do share your passion.

My favourite posts to read are the passionate ones, the ones where bloggers share their loves and sometimes ever their hates.  Passionate posts are the best conversation starters, i've found they're the ones that get the mosts comments and biggest hits.  When you share your passion it comes across when people read your posts, my two most clicked/shared posts are 'For the love of selfies' and 'loving you', these are the two posts I probably spent the most amount of time on, because they struck a cord with me, they are something I care about.  So get passionate!

I hope you've found something useful hidden within this little post!
What are your blogging do's and don'ts?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

DIY Wedding Bouquet

Because we had such a small wedding, it seemed absolutely ridiculous to go spending around £100 for a wedding bouquet and so being a lover of all things crafty, I decided to make my own.  I adore how wonderfully simple this was to do and I just loved spending some time making my own bouquet the day before my wedding, it just made the flowers feel so much more special.  

Step one: Go get them

I headed on down to my local florist and picked up a few of my favourite stems that they had on offer.  I knew what colours I was looking for before (purples, pinks, whites) and then just let my imagination have fun in the shop, I even managed to find a sneaky bunch of purple flowers in our local supermarket on the way back, which I ended up adding to my bouquet. 

Step two: Arrange the flowers

This of course was my favourite bit, arrange the flowers how you want your final bouquet to look.  I wanted a wild flower bouquet, a bit messy, untamed but still beautiful, having odd number of stems helped achieve this, making sure no side looked the same.

Step three: Cut the stems & prune

Once you've got your flowers arranged, hold them up in front of a mirror and work out how long you would like your stems to be, what you think looks best and then get cutting them to length.  When your stems are cut to size spend a little time pruning, get rid of any unwanted leaves etc that you don't want to be seen.

Step four: Wrap

Use floral tape to wrap your lovely new bouquet in place, it is super cheap, I got mine off eBay for less then £1, so don't be afraid to use as much as you want to make sure your bouquet feels secure.

Step five: Choose your bling

Now it is time to wrap & cover that green tape with whatever you think looks best, because I wanted a wild rustic look I went with string but there are so many options.  White ribbon is the most popular option but have a little Pinterest session if you're searching for some inspiration.

I am so happy with how good my bouquet looked, everyone complimented them and everything came in at less then £20. Happy days!!