Saturday, 19 October 2013


Winter is officially starting to hit Sheffield which means the umbrella is out, hats have been worn and the heating is now on.  It also means I go into hibernation mode a little and decide days are made for staying in the house, with Harry Potter marathons, plenty of crafts and far too many carbs. I have to admit though, I can't help but love a night in under a blanket avoiding the rain...does this mean i'm getting old? Maybe but I don't remember a time really that I didn't hibernate in the winter but bad memory is also a sign of old age I hear, so who knows?! 

1. I recently took part in an Instagram craft swap which was run by the lovely @threadthelove, it was absolutely wonderful making something for a complete stranger and receiving a few little handmade gifts that were a total surprise too.
2. I stumbled across some cute/quirky vinyl triangles on Etsy recently as well, which were super easy to put up, reusable and have totally changed the way my wall looks. Adore them!
3 & 4. Like I said before, winter is coming and it seems i'm not the only one in hibernation mode as Doug is loving spending some serious time under the covers at the moment.

1. Bloody adore my deathly hallows necklace!  
2. White painted floor in the bedroom & a persian rug makes me feel cozy.
3. Attempted to make my first felt garland, it's been finished for a while but I still have no idea where I want to hang it.
4. Inspired by Kaelah Bee's wall, we decided to attempt our own feature wall and I love how it turned it and cannot get over how simple it was to achieve such a big impact.

Does anyone else go into hibernation mode in the winter?


  1. okay so I am in love with your place!

    the picture of your feet with the white-washed floorboards and the rug ahhh, I can see myself in a similar place when I get my own :) Also love the polaroids pegged on twine, I have a similar thing at home!

    Lots of love,


  2. Your home looks so cozy and personal. Love it!

  3. Haha. I've been thinking it's quite mild for this time of year in Sheffield. But the heating is on and I know I will be going out less. Love the wall btw. x

  4. I love your feature wall - the shapes and colours are ace!

  5. I love the fox phone - so cute! My husband won't let me get any of the new fox merchandise because he hates the "What does the fox say" song haha.