Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pug Ownership: Lessons from Lola & Doug

Living with pugs really does make life a little more interesting, they're 100% adorable and they know it!  I thought it was time to share a few more tips/things to consider on pug ownership following on from my original Pug Ownership: Lessons from Lola post.

1. I hope you like early mornings!

Pugs are the cutest when asleep, fact! However, although they are known to sleep on average for 14 hours a day, don't be tricked into thinking that means you're going to get to sleep in late/to a normal time. At first I thought it might be because I was feeding them to early or too late in the evening but upon chatting to a few pug owners these little fur balls just love to rise early.  They have a whole repertoire of tricks to wake you up too, from the simple face lick to the gently placing their delicate derriere on your face and letting a little parp free. Lovely!  

2. Alone time?

Let it never be said that a pug is willing to leave you unchaperoned around the house at ANY time.  Whatever room you go to, whatever your up to, whatever time of day, your pug is going to want to be there with you, at all times.  Don't panic though, it won't be just you, if you fancy having some friends over they love nothing more then making sure your guests feel welcomed and safe which they do by supervising/encouraging them as they use your bathroom. Very kind of them.

3. You want me to go outside and it's not clear blue skies?

Going outside in the rain? Are you mad! To get my pugs to go out in the rain I have been known to drag, carry over puddles and even bribe with copious amounts of treats.  A rain coat has helped a little but in general they would much rather curl up in their bed by the heater then bother taking themselves outside in rain to use the toilet and who can blame them?! So patience is needed when waiting for your pug to go toilet in the rain because they will spend the first 10 minutes hiding under every branch, grumbling and trying to drag you back to the house. Bless!

I don't regret getting pugs over any other breed of dog even slightly! They may not be the type of dog that always listens exactly to what you say, they can't understand why anyone would want to play fetch and can not bare to be apart from you for any amount of time but it's all of these little quirks that give them their infectious and addictive personality. I love them and now i've got them, I couldn't even imagine having any other type of dog....although it would be lovely to have a bath in peace. 


  1. Aaa I'm crazy over anything pug! They're adorable. So cheeky of them to let a little parp out to wake you up!

    Holly |

  2. Oh I loved this! My parents have a house full of dachshunds, small dogs definitely come with more personality don't they? Our sausage dogs don't let anyone lock a single door, you have to be careful not to trip over them and break your neck after a shower they all line up outside clearly convinced you're doing something more interested than shaving your legs. My boyfriend is currently campaigning for us to get a pug when we move in together, this is definitely weakening my resolve...

    Joy x

  3. Hi Toni! Awesome name ;) I must admit, I was never much of a pug fan, but reading your post about Lola and Doug just made my heart melt a little. And I love that last photo! Too cute :)

    your new bloglovin' follower,
    p.s. found you through the Totally Awesome blog hop!

  4. OMG too cute! I have a small dog and he's exactly the same way with all these. Like, don't even plan on peeing, showering, or anything else-ing for that matter. haha!
    New bloglovin follower from the Collective Blog Hop!
    Hope you'll hop over to my blog, too!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  5. haha so so true! my girl pug actually doesn't mind the rain, but the other one acts like you're torturing him if he has to put his paw on the wet ground. and yes - if you have pugs, you will never be alone again. hehe.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. I am a fellow 28 year old with 2 Pugs! Oh my, can't wait to have a proper read of your blog later :) Victoria x