Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas Online

Only 48 days until christmas!  I've already started earmarking my favourite christmas decorations in various shops and going Pinterest mad for christmas DIYs and I can't wait to get the smell of mulled wine and homemade cookies floating around the house (although i'm pretty sure my waistline can).  

I love using the internet for inspiration over christmas and as far as christmas shopping goes it is an absolute lifesaver! I've got a few favourite websites I frequently visit in search of some unique gifts; Etsy, ShopStyle, Not On The High StreetGinger Pickle and far too many more to mention.  Just a little tip, if you download the ShopStyle App (you can do this on the website also) you can mark your favourite things from various shops around the world and the second they go on sale they will send you an alert, brilliant!

Anyone else excited about christmas yet?!


  1. 48 day!! OMG I wasn't really counting. Those strawberries look awesome x

  2. I made some pinterest boards last night....hehehe I love Christmas x

  3. I'm so excited about Christmas! Our tree went up last week, and I've slowly been adding more decorations. Love your inspiration pics!

  4. I love those strawberry Santas! I love the sale alert technology - it's made shopping online an addiction of mine.
    New follower from BBN -