Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pug Ownership: Lessons from Lola & Doug Part 2

Upon noticing the lovely Jackie over at Jade and Oak is starting a ridiculously cute link up for all of us crazy dog & cat ladies, I couldn't help but want to instantly join in.  I thought I would continue on in my lessons from my two little 'angels' and share a little bit about their recent adventures.

1. You like more then one shower a day right?!

Pugs lick, they lick a lot and they lick anything they can.  Although both my pugs are massive fans of licking, Doug is without a doubt the biggest fan.  He loves nothing more then showing Lola how much he loves her by licking her to sleep (she pretty much grumbles the whole time while this is happening).  They both love greeting our guests with a 10 minute licking session before finally being bribed off by the promise of a treat and a cuddle.

2. Waiter?!

You want to feed me one minute later then my usual feeding time? Are you mad?!  Our pugs know the exact time of meal time and they wouldn't let us forget it for one second.  They wake us up at the same time every morning (in all sorts of inventive ways) in hope of food.  If we happen to be running a few minutes behind schedule in the evening, they circle the dog bowls and create as much chaos as possible until food is in front of them.  Pugs without a doubt think with their bellies, much like the fella.

3. Snoring

Oooo I'm sure you've all heard about pugs snoring. I had heard about it a long time before we got a pug, but foolishly I didn't really give it much thought.  I mean, look how adorable they are while sleeping!  Well, if you could hear the noise that comes out of this little pug, you may have second thoughts on how cute she is while sleeping.  Seriously, its loud, this isn't an over exaggeration.  We have a 3 storey house and I can hear her snoring from the bottom floor, I'm almost 100% sure the neighbours can too. 

I actually adore all of these little quirks, although I am pretty sure I don't say that at 3am when I can hear a jet engine like sound coming from the smallest one in the house.

It's still not too late to join in with Jackie's wonderfully cute new monthly linkup as it all goes live tomorrow!


  1. they're SO cute - thanks for linking up! mine love licking too - rosie will actually lick the floor like crazy which is so weird haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Aw, pugs are the cutest!!! Maybe the next time around we will get a pug too. Our five fur babies are enough for right now though! Glad to find you through the link up!

  3. I love all the photos! They are so adorable. My rat terriers also love to lick. They'd lick you all day if you let them.

  4. I want a pug so bad! The husband won't let me have one though because we already have seven cats =/


  5. So cute :) It's weird Jack is a cat and he's a big licker too. Dude is constantly bathing me. Apparently its his way of accepting me as his person...but he could stop and that would be ok :)

  6. And all of this is how I know Flash is half pug. Licking, food and snoring - all up there in his favourites!